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Do., 20. Juni


Seminarraum Jupiterhaus

International Singles - in English, aged 30-45

Are you an expat or open to get to know international people? Welcome!

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International Singles - in English, aged 30-45
International Singles - in English, aged 30-45

Zeit und Ort

20. Juni 2019, 20:15 – 22:15

Seminarraum Jupiterhaus, Jupiterstrasse 1, 8032 Zürich, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

It’s time for a new way of dating. A sensual and personal form to get in touch with new people. A world away from anonymous dating platforms: Welcome to Sensual Speed Dating.

Get to know a person with all your senses. You will touch an arm, listen to voices and look deeply into each others eyes. All of this will be guided in a mindful and respectful way. In the beginning you will be wearing blindfolds. So you can really let go, dive in and follow your feelings. It's an awakening of all the senses: touch, smell, hear, feel - and in the end also see. This is a playful, sensual and unprejudiced way to discover each other. And to discover also yourself. Observe without being observed!

Being mindful, respectful and self-consciousness is the key for inner growth. Enjoy the moment and these special encounters. And if there is a match, we will exchange your contact details in the end.


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